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Your smile says it all, and at Lakes Area Dental, we strive to help our patients transform their smiles for better overall health. We take a personalized and modern approach to your dental care because we want you to achieve your best smile. Dr. Scott Martinka is the leading dentist in Willmar, MN, specializing in laser dentistry, same-day crowns, and all that digital dentistry has to offer. Whether you’re looking to makeover your smile, better protect your teeth, or have a routine cleaning, Lakes Area Dental can help.

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At Lakes Area Dental, our cutting edge technology allows patients to receive fast, personalized, and exceptional dental care. We implement CEREC CAD/CAM technology, 3D cone beam CT imaging, hard and soft tissue lasers, DSLR photography, and many other advanced techniques and equipment for both general and cosmetic services. Our trained, compassionate dental team strives to help patients heal faster, smile brighter, and feel confident in their treatment plan. We look forward to working with you!
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Frequently Asked Questions

At Lakes Area Dental, we are committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain better dental health and overall wellness. Our team works with each patient to develop personalized care plans and will help you develop great oral health habits.

As part of our commitment to you and your family, we have compiled common questions below. If you have additional questions, please give us a call at 320-235-2922. We look forward to hearing from you!

How often should you visit the dentist?

Most patients should visit the dentist every six months for dental cleanings and examinations. Bi-annual appointments are typically enough to help patients maintain good oral health, but if you are prone to gum disease or plaque buildup, it may be necessary to visit the dentist more often.

What are the signs of an infection or gum disease?

If you have bleeding gums, it may be a sign of an infection or early stage periodontitis. When caught early, it is easily treatable and can help prevent larger infections.

How do I find the right toothbrush?

When looking for a good toothbrush, choose one with rounded ends and soft bristles. Hard bristles can scratch and injure your gums. Another factor to consider is is the toothbrush has the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Approval.

How often should I replace my toothbrush?

You should replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. Over time, a toothbrush becomes less effective.

Are electric toothbrushes a good option?

Yes, but it is important to use slow movements while using an electric toothbrush so that it properly cleans your teeth.

What can I do about bad breath?

It is important to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Brush softly and be sure to scrape your tongue. Rinsing with mouthwash is another way to freshen your break and better protect your teeth. Certain foods like garlic, onions, dairy, and coffee can cause bad breath.

If bad breath is a consistent problem, consult your dentist. It may be a sign of tooth decay or gum disease.

Should I get dental crowns?

Dental crowns not only help improve your smile, they provide protection and stability to your teeth by covering chips or fractures. A crown is also utilized to protect decayed or weak teeth when tooth extraction is not an option. It is common to receive dental crowns after a root canal or if you have large cavities. A dental crown can also be attached to dental implants to serve as replacements for missing teeth.

Why should you consider sealants for your child?

Sealants are popular treatment options for children because it provides a layer of protection against cavities. This is especially important on molars, which have unique ridges and grooves on them. Children can struggle to reach these areas while brushing their teeth, which can lead to bacteria buildup and cavities. Sealants are applied to the teeth and help protect these grooves and ridges from decay.

Should I use fluoride?

While fluoride is found in our toothpaste and water systems, if you suffer from dry mouth from certain medications or other systemic issues like diabetes, additional fluoride use may help you better resist cavities.

What is a dental cleaning?

A typical dental cleaning involves removing tartar, plague, and debris from your teeth and above the gum line. During a routine visit, your teeth with also be polished. For patients with receding gum lines or periodontal disease, they may require a more advanced type of cleaning which helps to further remove bacteria from the gums and mouth.

What is the difference between a deep cleaning and regular cleaning?

When you have an active infection in your gums and around your teeth, a deep cleaning may need to be performed. Our practice utilizes Waterlase iPlus® lasers for restorative and soft tissues procedures. This helps fight the infection and promotes new gum tissue growth.

Why is it important to have a healthy mouth?

Numerous studies have shown how oral health affects overall health. Having poor oral hygiene habits and oral health can exacerbate systemic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more.

Dan Hovland
Dan Hovland
Lindsay did a good job with the cleaning. Dental work is not an easy thing to go through but it went as well as expected.
Angela Mumm
Angela Mumm
I’m am very happy and satisfied with my experience and that’s why I keep coming back.. very professional courteous and caring staff.
Nothing to complain about, both the dental assistant and the dentist were very kind, and the cleaning had no pain. And I have been going to this dental office since I was little.
Kelly Benson
Kelly Benson
Excellent dental staff!