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Dental Implants
Dental implants are often used to replace missing teeth due to injury, disease, and other causes. Since implants don't rely on your remaining teeth for support, they do a better job in saving your own natural teeth than traditional bridgework. Dental implants can also be used to give support to a full denture.

Most people worry about the amount of time it takes for often complicated dental implantations as well as the required period of recovery. Traditional implant procedures often required several appointments and long hours of surgical procedures, not to mention weeks, months, and even years of recovery.

Technological advancements have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes for an implant to be placed. Today, a 3D digital Cone Beam Computed Tomography scan is used to virtually plan the implant placement in the jaw. At that 

Dental Implants
consult visit, the dentist will know what is needed to make the surgical case a success. If any additional procedures are necessary, they will be discussed at the initial consult visit. Once the appropriate course of treatment is determined, a surgical guide will be fabricated.

The guide will be used during the implant placement procedure to help the dentist place the implant in the precise location that it was planned on the computer. After a few months of healing, the dentist will make the final tooth that attaches to the implant.